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Congratulations to the five teams who competed in the Ensemble Competition! All performed beautifully!!


Congratulations to our Concerto Festival winners! The festival was held the weekend of March 10-12.

Former student Eric Jurenas, countertenor, is enjoying a busy and successful career, world-wide(!) after finishing his Master’s in Vocal Performance at Juilliard a year ago. He recently sang with the Vienna (Austria) State Opera, will make his debut with the Berlin Opera this fall, and will also perform at the Stuttgart Festival. You can follow his exciting career more closely by going to his website,


Former student Julia DeCelles-Zwerneman graduated this spring from The University of Virginia. with a double major in Biology and Music. Julia graduated “with distinction” in Biology and was awarded the Department of Music’s Branden Wyatt Morrison Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Contribution. 


Former student Karen Greennagel graduated this spring from Grove City College with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She also enjoyed touring as a member of the GCC Touring Choir and studied organ for the past two years.


Former student Christy Shea graduated in May from Wheaton College’s Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance. Some of Christy’s performances can be found on YouTube.





Congratulations to Darin Mao for his selection as one of the winners of the Bach Baroque Competition! Darin performed in the Bach Honors Recital in May.


Special applause to Concerto Festival winners: 

Winners for Piano Ensemble Competition in April: 

2015 Piano Olympics participants.



Alyssa has been playing the piano for a long time! The bottom photo shows her playing in the
Wyatt Studio Fall Recital on Sat., Dec. 12.





Congratulations to former student Lily Li, who graduated this week from William & Mary with a double major in music and computer science. Lily won her school's Concerto Competition and performed the St. Saens G Minor Piano Concerto with orchestra! 


Congratulations to our Ensemble Competition winners!!
David C. and Nathan C., 1st Place (Ages 13-15)

Timmy C. and Tiger Z., 2nd Place (Ages 16-18)
Angie M. and Isabelle M., 3rd Place (Ages 13-15)
Alyssa K. and Rachel E., Honorable Mention (Ages 10-12)


Congratulations to our Concerto Festival Winners!!
Caroline K., 2nd place, 10th-12th grade
Grace C., 2nd place, 10th-12th grade
Isabelle M., 3rd place, 10th-12th grade
David C., 2nd place, 6th-7th grade





Congratulations to all 5 of our duet teams participating in this year's Ensemble Competition!! We are so proud of your wonderful performances!

1st Place: Nathan C. / David C.
2nd Place: Elizabeth L. / Julian L.
2nd Place: Alyssa K. / Rachel E.
3rd Place: Isabelle M. / Caroline K.
3rd Place: Caitlin K. / Timmy C.

Congratulations to our Concerto Festival winners!!

Tiger Z. - 1st place, 10th-12th grade
Julian L. - 2nd place, 6th-7th grade
Elizabeth L. - 3rd place, 8th-9th grade
Daniel S. - H.M. 8th-9th grade

Isabelle M. was chosen to perform in the Honors Recital for the Bach/Baroque Festival and Competition. Congratulations, Isabelle!


Caitlin taught music lessons during her internship in Mexico during the summer of 2013.






Students participated in the Piano Olympics during the weekend of Sep. 28.

Former student Eric Jurenas, countertenor, will enter Juilliard this fall to pursue his Master's degree in voice. Eric is a graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Follow his many successes by checking his website,


Former student Julia DeCelles-Zwerneman (left) performed in a masterclass with Mark Markham, opera singer Jessye Norman's accompanist.

Former student, Christy Shea, now a piano performance major at Wheaton, has been accepted to attend the Eisenstadt (Austria) Music Festival this summer. Christy has also been invited to participate in a Master Class and to perform in an invitation-only recital to be held at the Esterhazy Palace! You can enjoy Christy's audition for this prestigious honor by viewing these links: 

— Crumb's Makrokosmos I Proteus (Pisces)

— Mozart's Sonata in F Major, K.332, First Movement


We are very proud of all 6 of our duet teams who competed in NVMTA's Ensemble Competition! Special congratulations to: Jennifer P./Caitlin K., 2nd place; Nathan C./David C., 2nd place; Isabelle M./Caroline K., 2nd place; Elizabeth L./Julian L., 3rd place; and Timmy C./Tiger Z., Honorable Mention.

Congratulations to our Concerto Festival winners: Timmy C., 1st place, 8th/9th grade; Caitlin K., 2nd place, 10th-12th grade. Both played beautifully!!

Congratulations to Tiger Z., who won Honors in the Bach-Baroque Festival on Feb. 16!


Timmy C. is shown at left with Alexander Peskanov, the founder of the Piano Olympics program. At Mr. Peskanov's invitation, Timmy, Elizabeth L., and Julian L. performed in his workshop at the annual Maryland State Music Teachers conference, held at the University of Maryland on Saturday, January 12. Dr. Wyatt participated in a teachers’ panel on the Piano Olympics program, also at Mr. Peskanov’s invitation.






Isabelle M. and Tiger Z. will perform in a masterclass given by Professor Peter Takacs of Oberlin Conservatory on Sat. afternoon, Nov. 17, 1:00-3:00 p.m., St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, Falls Church, VA.

Former student Emily Swift Gertsch has just been appointed to the music faculty of the University of Georgia where she will teach undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students.  Emily will receive her Ph.D. in music theory from Florida State University in December.





Former student Andrew Pham, a Master's student in piano and composition at Indiana University, is a staff collaborative pianist at Interlochen this summer.


Former student Erika Cummings is a student at the University of Oklahoma (on full scholarship) majoring in piano and premed.  Erika's summer employment is as an intern at the American Embassy in Tel-Aviv.


Former student Eric Jurenas graduated in May from Cincinnati Conservatory, magna cum laude, with a major in vocal performance.  Eric has won several prestigious competitions, and has many professional engagements coming up in the next year.


Congratulations to Elizabeth L. and Julian L. for winning selection to the Sonata Honors Recital. Over 700 pianists participated, with over 100 advancing to the finals. Advancing to the 2nd round were Nathan C., Isabelle M., Jennifer P., Christy S., Renee Z., and Adi W.


Congratulations to our duet teams who were winners in the Piano Ensemble Competition held April 28-29!!

First Place (Level 5):  Karen G. and Christy S.

Second Place (Level 5):  Caitlin K. and Jennifer P.

Honorable Mention (Level 4A):  Renee Z. and Isabelle M.


NVMTA Judged Recitals, April 15

Honors: Jennifer P. and Caitlin K., piano four hands

Honorable Mention: Isabelle M. and Renee Z., piano four hands


Elizabeth L. and Julia D. won Honors in the Bach-Baroque Festival/ Competition, and performed in its Honors Recital on February 26.


Congratulations to our Concerto Festival winners:


Karen G. (10th-12th grade)
Albert Z. (8th-9th grade)
Julian L. (4th-5th grade)

Julia D. (10th-12th grade)
Alex L. (10th-12th grade)
Renee Z. (6th-7th grade)

Caitlin K. (10th-12th grade)
Timmy C. (6th-7th grade)


Congratulations to Elizabeth L., whose October 16, 2011, performance at the NVMTA Judged Recital was chosen for the NVMTA Honors Recital.






"Outstanding Student": Lily L. and Julia D.

"Most Improved": Renee Z.


Congratulations to former student Eric Jurenas, a voice performance major at Cincinnati College– Conservatory of Music. Eric finished his junior year as a first-place winner in four competitions. He will perform as a guest soloist throughout the United States next year. We wish him continued success!


Former student Andrew Pham, a spring graduate from James Madison University (JMU) with a double major in Piano Performance and Composition, is now studying piano in Germany as part of a 7-week program for pianists and opera singers. Congratulations to Andrew!!


Tiger Z. was chosen to perform in the Sonata Honors Recital on May 29. The Sonata Festival/Competition was held on May 22. Congratulations, Tiger!


Congratulations to our teams in the Piano Ensemble Competition:


2nd place winners

  •  Julia D., Karen G., Jennifer P., & Caitlin K. (quartet)

  •  Anna Z. and Elizabeth L. (duet)

  •  Jennifer P. and Caitlin K. (duet)


3rd place winners

  •  Isabelle M. and Renee Z. (duet)


Honorable Mention

  •  Isabelle M., Renee Z., Christine L., & Elizabeth L. (quartet)

  •  Lily L. and Wade Z. (duet)


Congratulations to Concerto Festival winners:


  •  Lily L., 1st place, Grades 10-12

  •  Isabelle M., 1st place, Grades 6-7

  •  Timmy C., 2nd place, Grades 6-7

  •  Daniel S., 3rd place, Grades 6-7

  •  Anna Z., 2nd place, Grades 4-5

  •  Elizabeth L., 3rd place, Grades 4-5

  •  Nathan C., 3rd place, Grades K-3


The Piano Concerto Festival—sponsored by the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA)—was held during the weekend of April 8–10 at the Steinway Gallery at Tyson's Corner and the Woman's Club of Arlington.


Congratulations to Julia D., whose piece was one of the winners of NVMTA's Composition Competition. Julia will perform in the Competition's Honors Recital on April 2.


Angie and Isabelle M. provided piano music for a Celebration of Life event on March 5 honoring their late strings teacher, Mr. Fissell.


Lily L. will be featured on the Young Artists Musicale at George Mason University on the March 13, 2011, concert. This is Lily's third appearance on the YAM concerts.


Congratulations to Nathan C. and Isabelle M., who won Honors in the Bach Baroque Festival and performed in its Honors Recital on February 26.


Congratulations to Timmy C., chosen for Honors from NVMTA's Feb. 13 Judged Recitals.


Christy S. gave a solo recital February 12 at Harvester Presbyterian Church in Springfield, VA.  The performance was in honor of her father, who is home on leave from serving in Afghanistan.


Congratulations to Isabelle M. and Lily L., whose December 12 performances were chosen for the NVMTA Honors Recital


Former student Helen D. performed the Beethoven PianoTrio in C Minor, Op.1, #3, on November 21 at Georgetown University, where she is now coached in chamber music by Dr. Ralitza Patcheva


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2010 Piano Olympics participants.


Lily L. attended the 2010 Virginia's Governor's School in Music.

Timmy and Nathan C. will perform a joint piano recital in Taiwan in August.

Laura C. may be heard on YouTube performing Chopin's B-flat Minor Scherzo.

Lily L. and Wade Z. will perform in the Young Artists Musicale at George Mason University on September 19.