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  • Introduction to Peggy McNulty.
  • "Student of the Week" — Recognition based on how well a student has learned music for the week. Includes link to previous Students of the Week.
  • "Noteworthy News" — Recognition of students' vocal achievements. Includes link to previous announcements.
  • Reminders for students and parents.

Staying "In Tune" with You!
  • Information about lessons, upcoming events, and student accomplishments.
  • Much of the same content as my weekly e-mails, along with a few extras.

Noteworthy News
  • More information about my voice students' accomplishments.
  • Archive of previous Students of the Week.

About Peggy
  • My "resume": Education, singing experience, affiliations, etc.

  • Upcoming events: Recitals, workshops, and rehearsals.
  • Competitions and local musical offerings.
  • Listed by month.

Fees & Policies
  • Fee schedule.
  • Payment policies.

Student Responsibilities
  • Expectations of students regarding parking, arrival at lessons, participation, practice, etc.

Photo Gallery
  • Photos of students and performances.

Voice Care
  • Tips for maintaining vocal health.

Contact Peggy
  • My contact information (also provided at the bottom of each page).
  • Directions to McNulty Studio.
  • Form that prospective students can submit to inquire about my availability to teach.
  • Form that also can be used by current students to ask questions, or to send comments, concerns, and compliments!

Links & Resources
  • Links to websites of organizations with which I am affiliated or that students might find interesting.


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