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On this page, we display photographs taken at our recitals, workshops, and rehearsals. All students are invited to submit photos from these events, as well as at other events you have participated in or attended.


Note to Parents: If you prefer that photos of your child not be displayed on the site, please notify me immediately.


Photos by Lynn and Peggy McNulty



Spring Teen Recitals

Two teen recitals were held on Sunday, May 20, 2012, at McLean Baptist Church. More than 25 singers performed. George Peachey was pianist. Congratulations to our graduating seniors!


More photos here >


Singers in the 2:00 p.m. Teen Spring Recital (alpha. order; * = graduating senior): Madeleine Chalk, Camille Dotson, Meabhe Fleming*, Alexandra Graham, Kimiya Haghighi*, Jamie Joyen Waldorf, Giulliano Molina, Jaimie Mulligan*, Krista Opsahl-Ong, Graham Schmidt*, Kelsey Steffen, Vanessa Strahan, Gwen Torrence (not shown: Kate Lyn Broom).









Singers in the 4:15 p.m. Teen Spring Recital (alpha. order; * = graduating senior): Kathryn Bailey, Grant Brown, Sarah Delcoco, Maggie Dunlap, Mia Engelhardt*, Michael Guo, Emily Gurian, Isabel Hefner*, Ariana Kruszewski*, David Liu, Rachelle Robertello* (not visible), Victoria Todd*.














Spring Workshops at McNulty Studio

Thank you to all of my students who attended the workshops on Sunday, March 18, at McNulty Studio. Thanks also to
George Peachey for his piano accompaniment. Top: Teen 2pm workshop attendees with George Peachey (far right). Center:

Teen 3:15pm workshop with Peggy. Bottom: Adult workshop with Peggy.



Winter Meet-Ups with Students

Luncheon on Dec. 12, with Peggy and her many adult female students, who have studied with Peggy for more than four years! Ramona Verrico, Rosalie Griffith, Laurie Nakamoto, Dolores Malherek (who was honored at the luncheon), Linda Murray, Gail Vogel and Donna Hamilton.
Langley High School Renaissance Feaste on Dec. 11, 2011.
Many of Peggy's students sing in the Madrigals ensemble,
while others participate as pages and minstrals.
Peggy with Mary Peterson, a former student who is a
sophomore at Shenandoah Conservatory where she studies
voice with Dr. Byron Jones.
Peggy and former student, Maleika Cole, in New York. Maleika attended Marshall H.S. and James Madison Univ.  She works in advertising in NYC, studies voice and sings with a “wedding band!”
Peggy at Follies on Broadway



Winter Recitals - December 3, 2011


More than 40 students performed in the winter recitals on Saturday, December 3. Andrew Kraus was pianist.


From top to bottom: Teens in the 1:30 recital; teens in the 3:30 recital; adults.






Fall Workshops - October 30, 2011


I was so pleased by the attendance at our student workshops on Sunday, October 30, at McNulty Studio. Over 20 teen and 13 adult students participated in the two programs and I hope everyone enjoyed the event. Andrew Kraus was excellent in his accompanying role!


From top to bottom: Teens in 1:00 workshop; teens in 2:30 workshop; adult workshop participants; pumpkin cake baked by Ramona Verrico – Andrew Kraus is second from left.







Peggy with Colleagues at McNulty Studio

Peggy with Edrie Means Weekly (center) and Yvonne Sabine (right). Yvonne is President of the Friday Morning Music Club and she also taught Edrie when she was a 9th grader at Edison High School.  Peggy taught her in the 11th and 12th grades.


On Oct. 22, Ms. Weekly coached several students of McNulty Studio.  Edrie teaches musical theatre at  the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in Winchester VA.













Adult Recital at Chesterbrook Residence

Peggy’s adult students performed on September 1, 2011, at the Chesterbrook Residence in McLean. Gillian Cookson, pianist.
























Teen Recital at Chesterbrook Residence

Peggy’s summer students performed on August 11 at the Chesterbrook Residence in McLean. Gillian Cookson, pianist.
























Mary Anne Kolb Birthday Recital

Mary Anne Kolb performed her 30th birthday recital at the Knox Presbyterian Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, with George Peachey, pianist (pictured above, at right). She performed all of Robert Schumann’s song cycle, “Frauenliebe und Leben,” and arias from ”The Marriage of Figaro.” Peggy and Mary Anne also performed a duet from “The Marriage of Figaro.”



Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Vocal Pedagogy Institute


Peggy became certified in Level II of Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Vocal Pedagogy Institute. The class was held from July 19 to 21 at Shenandoah Conservatory, and the instructor was Jeannette LoVetri. The Institute was created to meet the demand for vocal training grounded in voice science, voice medicine, and tested methods of CCM pedagogy.


Left, top: Jeannette LoVetri, creator of  Somatic Voiceworks–The Lovetri Method, is an instructor at Drexel University College of Medicine in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.  LoVetri is one of the few singing teacher in the world on a college medical faculty.


Left, center: Peggy with Shenandoah faculty members, Dr. Janette Ogg and Donna Gullstrand


Left, bottom: Peggy and another student from Oxford, Mississippi


Right, top: Dr. Wendy LeBorgne, voice pathologist and singing voice specialist, and clinical director of the Blaine Block Institute for Voice Analysis and Rehabilitation, Dayton, Ohio.


Right, bottom: The Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre at Shenandoah Conservatory.





Spring 2011 Adult Recital


We had 17 adults participate in the Spring Adult Recital at the Woman’s Club of Arlington on June 6, 2011. George Peachey was our pianist.


(Top) Group photo with
Ramona Verrico dressed for her
solo "Master of The House” from
Les Misérables.


(Middle, left) Donna Hamilton and her children, Laura and Christopher, who sang “Do, Re Mi” from The Sound of Music.


(Middle, right) Julie Nussdorfer and Susan Pettey.


(Bottom) Syrina Gudnitz and
Mary Anne Kolb.































Spring 2011 Teen Recitals


(Top) Students who sang in the 4:00 recital.


(Middle left, left to right) Graduating seniors: Felicia Francois, Alex DeLuca and Melissa Murray. Felicia graduates from Westfield and will attend University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Alex graduates from Thomas Jefferson and will attend Carnegie Mellon. Melissa graduates from Madison H.S. and will attend the University of Michigan


(Bottom) Singers from the 6:00 recital.


(Middle right, left to right) Graduating seniors: Nora Cotter, Nora Mueller, and Michelle Lerch. Nora Cotter graduates from Stone Bridge H.S. and will attend Va. Tech. Nora Mueller graduates from Langley H.S. and will attend Tufts. Michelle Lerch graduates from Westfield H.S. and will attend East Carolina University.
































NVMTA Voice Achievements Competition

Saturday, January 2011 • Woman's Club of Arlington


Chairperson: Peggy McNulty

Adjudicators:  Dr. Sandra Jarrett, Dr. Aurelius Gori, Kelly Smith Jones

Pianist: Ruth Locker



(8th, 9th, and 10th graders)


Left to right:


Peggy McNulty; Maggie Dunlap, who won Honorable Mention; Nancy Pruett, who won Honorable Mention; and Allie Graham



(11th and 12th graders)


Congratulations to:


Ariana Kruszewski, who won Second Prize ( fourth from left)


Michelle Lerch, who won Honorable Mention (sixth from left)

DIVISION 3 (Over 18)


From left:


Peggy McNulty, Donna Hamilton, Sarah Weston, and pianist
Ruth Locker


Lynn and I visited Dominica during our December trip.

Here we are enjoying a warm day in the rainforest!



Click here for photos taken at the Winter 2010 Recitals on December 4 at the Woman's Club of Arlington. >


Congratulations to all of my students for your wonderful performances at our Winter Recitals! I am so proud of all of you! Thanks also to pianist Andrew Kraus for accompanying.





On Thursday, November 18, Peggy performed for the Friday Morning Music Club at the Old Town Hall in Fairfax, Va. She was accompanied by pianist Gillian Cookson. Peggy sang Fiançailles Pour Rire (Whimsical Betrothal), a series of six hauntingly beautiful French poems by Louise De Vilmorina.



Congratulations to Maureen McNulty, who completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 4 hours and 13 minutes on October 31. We are so proud of her!






Teen and Adult Fall Workshops

Sunday, October 24, at McNulty Studio


A dozen adult students and more than 25 teen students participated in the Fall Workshops. Andrew Krause (shown below, right, talking to a student) was pianist for both workshops.


Adult student Ernie Abbott celebrated a birthday with a beautiful cake created by fellow student Ramona Verrico.



Summer Teen Student Program

Nine teen students performed at the Chesterbrook Residences in McLean on September 2.


Front row: Isabel Hefner, Nancy Pruett, Allie Graham, Peggy, and Victoria Todd.


Second row: Alex DeLuca; Jaimie Mulligan; Michelle Lerch; Gillian Cookson, pianist; and Felicia Francois.

Summer Adult Program

Adult students performed a program at the Jefferson Retirement Home in Arlington on August 24, 2010. Ruth Locker was pianist. Pictured above with Peggy are Laurie Nakamoto, Ruth Locker, Gail Vogel, Linda Murray, Cindy Roden, Ernie Abbott, Maureen Fitzgerald, Jennifer Suragiat, Amy Nicol and Dolores Malherek.




Here's a picture of me catching a fish with the assistance of the “fishing guide!” You can see I am not sure what to do with the fish! Since it’s a catch and release area, the salmon got to live!

Spring Adult Recital

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Woman's Club of Arlington

George Peachey was pianist.

Spring Teen Recitals

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Woman's Club of Arlington

George Peachey was accompanist


Thirty-one teen students (including 11 seniors) performed in the Spring 2010 Teen Recitals at the Woman's Club of Arlington. I was so proud of everybody! George Peachey was our pianist.


The first recital was held at 1:30 p.m. Fifteen students performed.

The following graduating seniors were recognized and their college plans were announced:


Allison Moats – Madison H.S., will attend Georgia Tech

Jamie Richardson – McLean H.S., will attend Indiana University

Leila Goldstein – McLean H.S., will attend Oberlin College

Ashley Fidler – Bishop O’Connell H.S., will attend the College of William and Mary and will be a Monroe Scholar



The second recital was held at 3:15 p.m. Sixteen students performed.

The following graduating seniors were recognized and their college plans were announced:


Ashley Hill – Madison H.S., will attend  James Madison Univ.

Mary Peterson – Herndon H.S., will attend Shenandoah Conservatory of Music

Ariana Gover-Chamlou – Langley H.S., will attend Princeton University

Daniel Heins – Sidwell Friends H.S., will attend  MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Jonathan Ong – Langley H.S., will attend  Carnegie Mellon

Emily Ohriner – Langley H.S., will attend Christopher Newport University

Amy Cohen – McLean School of Maryland, will attend Muhlenberg College


NVMTA Voice Competition

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Women's Club of Arlington


Top: Peggy pictured with her Division students: Robin Falci, Ariana Kruszewskii, Jordan Bailey and Nancy Pruett. Kimiya Haghighi also participated but is not shown here.


Middle: Peggy with all Division II students, including Michelle Lerch, Ashley Fidler and Mary Peterson.


Bottom: All  Division III students---Amy Nicol (in back row, wearing black with a white top)w on First Place in the adult division!


#2 #1

Our Trip to Morocco

Lynn and I enjoyed a fantastic nine-day trip to Morocco during spring break in March 2010. We had a private guide with car and went from Casablanca to the Sahara Desert …even rode camels and a donkey! Above, left: This picture was taken in the Djemma el Fna Square in Marrakesh. Right: Here’s Lynn and me dressed in Moroccan garb. We had dinner with a Moroccan family in Fes and they dressed us up!  We were so welcomed.  We shared tea and dinner with them. 


Virginia Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (VANATS) Student Auditions

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va.


Top row:

Left: Melissa Murray and Peggy.

Right: Donya Mossadeghi, Peggy, and Paige York.


Middle row:

Left: Peggy, Rachael Woody, and Dr. Patty Parker, our accompanist for NATS.

Right: Mia Englehardt with her mother and Peggy.


Left: Peggy with Patty Parker and Ariana Kruszewski.


Student Workshops

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010, at the Studio


George Peachey accompanied.



Left: Adult workshop

1:30 Teen Workshop
3:00 Teen Workshop

In December, Lynn and I enjoyed a wonderful 9- day journey in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Iguacu Falls, and Salvador. We enjoyed our trip immensely. The weather was almost too hot, the food delicious, the people so friendly, and the sights were beautiful.


Left: Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.



Winter Recitals

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Women's Club of Arlington

George Peachey, Accompanist



Teen Recital (1:30 p.m.)

Teen Recital (3:00 p.m.)

Left: Peggy with Michelle Lerch. Right: Ashley Fidler.

Adult Students: Donna Hamilton (left), Rachael Woody (right).

Fall Workshops

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Thirty-five students attended the Fall Workshops at McNulty Studio. George Peachey accompanied on piano.


La Boheme, October 18, 2009


I attended Puccini's La Bohème at the George Mason Center for the Arts on Sunday, October 18, with some of my students: Mary Peterson (top left), her mom - and webmaster - Lori Peterson, and Sarah Weston (bottom right). The opera was performed by the Virginia Opera (

Trip to Italy, September 2009


The Ravello Festival, also known as the "Wagner Festival." Read about it here.



The city of Paestum in the Campania Region of Italy.
The Amalfi Coast.

Linday McMurray Birthday Recital

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Linda McMurray, an adult student, performed a lovely recital on Sunday, September 20, at McNulty Studio. Linda has studied voice with me for approximately 12 years.


Linda performed the recital as part of her birthday celebration. Family and friends were in attendance. George Peachey accompanied.


Sunrise Senior Living Community


Summer teen students performed a recital for residents of the Sunrise Senior Living Community in McLean on Tuesday, September 1. Gillian Cookson accompanied.

Vinson Hall Recital


Summer adult students performed a recital for residents of the Vinson Hall Retirement Community on Wednesday, August 12. George Peachey accompanied.



Seventh International Congress of Voice Teachers, July 15 to 19, 2009, Paris, France


Left: Peggy in front of the Eiffel Tower.


Below, top: With Marvin Keenze, voice teacher from Westminister Choir College in Princeton, N.J., and committee chairman for these international conventions.

Below, bottom: One of the sessions.





In front of the convention site, the Folies Bergère in the Opera District of Paris.



Peggy with voice teachers from Australia and
New Zealand.

Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association

Voice Achievement Winner Recital

May 27, 2009

Women's Club of Arlington




Left: Peggy with Calvert Thompson (left), winner in Division 3, and accompanist Ruth Locker.



Below: Lauren Bailey, winner in Division 2, with accompanist Ruth Locker.




Spring 2009 Adult Recital

May 31, 2009

Women's Club of Arlington

Spring 2009 Teen Recital

May 17, 2009

McLean Baptist Church



Pictured at left are students who performed in the 1:30 p.m. recital.


Graduating Seniors


Lauren Bailey (center) will attend Virginia Commonwealth University in the fall.


Dominique Amiri will attend Connecticut College.


Pictured at left are students who performed in the 3:15 p.m. recital. George Peachey, recital accompanist, also is shown.



Graduating Seniors


Mariana Sterne (fourth from left) will attend Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, next year.


Mia Smith (shown here with Peggy) will attend Old Dominion University in the fall.


"Grease" at McLean High School

May 2-3, 2009


Leila Goldstein (center) and Jamie Richardson (right) sang and danced in McLean High School’s production of “Grease."


Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association

2009 Vocal Achievements Competition


April 25, 2009

Women's Club of Arlington



Shown here:

Peggy with some of her teen students who participated in Division 1: Laynie Zell (left),
Kimiya Haghighi
(right), and pianist Ruth Locker (far right).


This photo shows some of the participants in Division 1, plus the judges, Ole Hass, Catherine Anderson, and Laura Mann; pianist Ruth Locker; and NVMTA member Amy Rothstein, who helped with the score tallying. Also pictured are some of the NVMTA voice teachers.


Peggy with some of her teen students who participated in Division 2 (left to right): Lauren Bailey, first place winner in Division 2; and Mariana Sterne and Ashley Fidler, both of whom received honorable mention in Division 2.



This photo shows shows participants in
Division 2, along with the judges and voice teachers.

With my grandson, Noah, during our trip in April 2009. He's 7 months old! Look how much he's changed since September!



Visiting Former Students in New York City

March 2009



Maleika Cole (shown here with, her mother, Marvel). Maleika is working for Vanity Fair and studying voice in NY. She graduated from JMU with a music industry degree. 



I also visited with Jennifer Suragiat, who is a freshman at NYU this year.

National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Virginia Chapter Auditions

Shenandoah University, Winchester, Va.  

March 6 and 7, 2009


Left to right:


Laynie Zell, freshman at Langley H.S., won second place in the Freshmen Women Classical Category.


Rosanne Conway, pianist for all the auditions.


Michelle Lerch, sophomore at Westfield H.S., received a very high score—missed receiving “Honors” by .67 points.


Arianna Zell, junior at Langley H.S., received Honors in another division of the Advanced High School Women Classical Division.


Left to right:


Mary Peterson, junior at Herndon H.S., received Honors in another division of the Advanced High School Women Classical Division.


Peggy McNulty


Ashley Fidler, junior at Bishop O’Connell H.S., placed third in one of the Advanced High School Women Classical Divisions.



Not shown: Lauren Bailey, senior at Langley H.S., placed third in another division of the Advanced High School Women Classical Division.


Left to right:


Calvert Thompson, a resident of Herndon, placed third in the Women’s Continuing Education Classical Division.


Peggy McNulty


Amy Nicol, a resident of Leesburg, placed second in the Women’s Continuing Education Classical Division.



Teen Vocal Workshop


February 22, 2009

McNulty Studio


These students attended the first Teen Workshop.



The students shown here attended the second Teen Workshop.


Adult Vocal Workshop


February 22, 2009

McNulty Studio



Friday Morning Music Club

Old Town Concert Series

Feb. 19, 2009 • Old Town Hall • Fairfax, Va. 


I sang six songs at this performance and was accompanied on piano by Gillian Cookson.


Composed by John Duke: "Water that Falls and Runs Away" (Mark Van Doren); "Be Still as You Are Beautiful" (Patrick MacDonogh); "Bells in the Rain" (Eleanor Wylie); and "the mountains are dancing" (e.e. cummings).


Composed by Amy Beach: "Take, O Take those Lips Away" (William Shakespeare); and "The Year's at the Spring" (Robert Browning).


Peggy with David Ruffin

David Ruffin at the Baltimore Hippodrome

With David Ruffin at the Hippodrome Performing Arts Center in Baltimore

Saturday, February 14, 2009


We loved seeing David Ruffin in “Grease”…The show was just great and he played the part of Kenickie…He was on stage for almost every number and it was wonderful for me to see him in this excellent tour…David is a wonderful person and I was so happy to see him. 

2009 Music Teachers National Association Senior Voice Competition, Southern Division

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Mary Peterson (center) represented Virginia at this competition, which was held at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Va. She was accompanied on piano by Anne James (left), of St. Catherine's School in Richmond, Va.


Winter Student Recital

Saturday, December 6, 2009

Arlington Temple United Methodist Church

Rosslyn, Va.



Adult Recital



Teen students from 1:30 program
Teen students from 3:30 program
Mariana Sterne presents accompanist George Peachey with a poinsettia!

Fall Workshop

Sunday, October 26, 2008

McNulty Studio


Adult students

Teen students at first workshop
Teen students at second workshop

With Renée Fleming, Soprano

October 24, 2008


I had the pleasure of meeting Renée Fleming at a party on October 24. She will perform in February 2009 at The Shepherd School Opera Gala at Rice University in Texas, and I attended a dinner on behalf of this event.


Learn about Renée at her website:

"A Voice Recital"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ephiphany United Methodist Church, Vienna


In spite of a horrible storm, I did perform and over 40 wonderful friends and students were able to be present.  I sang very well and enjoyed performing as much as ever!  We collected over $500 for the NVMTA Voice Scholarship fund.  It was a very special event for me.


Click here to view the recital program!




Peggy with pianist Gillian Cookson

Vinson Hall

August 5, 2008


This group of adult students performed at Vinson Hall, along with Jennifer Suragiat (second from right) and her friend from Westfield H.S., who sang two selections from "Wicked." The other students pictured are: Jill Kester, Carole Steele, Eileen Marhefka, Dolores Malherek, Ernie Abbott, Laurie Nakamoto, and Maureen Fitzgerald with Peggy McNulty, instructor, and George Peachey, pianist.

50th National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Conference

June 27 and July 1, 2008

Gaylord Opryland Convention Center

Nashville, Tennessee


The 50th NATS was a most inspiring and meaningful convention. I especially enjoyed meeting and talking with all the many other voice teachers from all over the United States—and even from Canada. I will attend the next big NATS International Convention next summer in Paris, France!


Left: Peggy with Dawn Upshaw and several other Virginia NATS members.

Spring Adult Recital

June 1, 2008

Women's Club of Arlington


Spring Teen Recital

May 18, 2008

McLean Baptist Church


Teens from 2:00 program

Teens from 3:45 program

Graduating Seniors (2008)


Jennifer Suragiat (left) is a senior at Westfield High School. She has studied for four years and will attend N.Y.U. as a voice major.

Jeanne Moran (right) will graduate from Potomac School in McLean. She has studied for five years and will attend Tulane University in the fall.


Not shown: Genevieve Parker will graduate from Potomac High School. Because she was involved in a play in her school this past weekend, she could not sing in the final recital. Gennie will attend Hofstra University as a drama major.

Left to right:


Caitlin Roman is a senior at Langley High School and has studied for over two years. She will attend Miami University of Ohio.


Michele Lowe is a senior at Madison High School and has studied for three years. She will attend Brigham Young University in Idaho.


Melissa Solomon began lessons in the 8th grade. She is a senior at Langley High School and will attend Baylor University as a music major.


Joanna Wood is home schooled and began lessons with Peggy in January. She will attend Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City.

Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA)

Annual Voice Achievements Awards (Competition)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Women's Club of Arlington

Accompanist: Ruth Locker


Adult participants. Below: Teen participants

Linda Murray, who has studied with me for years, won Division III for students over the age of 18. Congratulations, Linda!

Peggy with Maleika Cole

Maleika Cole

Maleika graduated with a degree in Music Industry from James Madison University. She attended Marshall High School and studied with me for over five years.


We are pictured with her mother and niece at her senior recital in Harrisonburg in November 2007.


Click here to view my photo album of past events and students.