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About Initial Abstracts


The Origins of Illuminated Initials

Wycliffe New Testament, 1385 (www.clipart.com)Long ago, sacred texts and manuscripts were often "illuminated" (that is, illustrated) with elaborately decorated initials that marked the beginning of a chapter, page, or paragraph. The initials were colorful, ornate, abstract, and geometrical, and contained intricate spirals, floral details, or entire miniature paintings.


Unique Artwork for Unique People

"DL" Initial Abstract Debbie Leiba's Initial Abstracts continue this tradition. Each piece is a beautifully hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind artistic embellishment of two or more initials. The letters are delicately intertwined, creating a unique filigree of pattern and shape.

The medium of choice for Initial Abstracts is marker pen, which come in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. When applied to the art paper or canvas, the result is a bright yet soft watercolor effect.

The completed designs are innovative, whimsical, and brilliantly colorful. What's more, they are unexpectedly mercurial! Each composition captures varying essences and moods as it is turned and viewed from different perspectives. Feathery tendrils merge to shape a lion's untamed mane. The letters twist and stretch to form a flamboyant ostrich.
Detail of "DL" Initial Abstract
"DL" Initial Abstract - Another perspective!

Visit the GALLERY page to experience these phenomena yourself!

Themes and "Idents"

In addition to her Initial Abstracts, Debbie's inspiration includes using oils, acrylics, and other mediums to explore abstracts and thematic works, such as a forthcoming offering entitled "Shapes." She also creates "identification" artwork, nicknamed "Idents," which incorporate biographical imagery and mementos into an artistic tribute.

The GALLERY and PRICING pages offer examples of themes and Idents. These can be commissioned as well.