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From Here to There and Back with a Quack! by Faith Nielsen is an inspirational story about a duck named Dax and his unfortunate encounter with a snapping turtle. The turtle may have chomped Dax's left foot, but he couldn't change the duck's unwavering spirit and will to overcome. Read along as Dax makes his way in the world with the help of a special lady he befriends at the lake.


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Based upon a real life encounter, this inspirational story of a very special duck with one leg will make you smile, cheer, and give thanks to the healing power of human compassion. A beautiful little gem of a picture book perfect for inquisitive children of all ages! — Colleen R., Children’s Specialist at Books Inc. Palo Alto, Palo Alto CA

This lovely book should be on every parent’s and grandparent's gift list. Each page offers a special surprise from the whimsical duck foot on the first page to the remarkable revelation on the last one. Entwined with fantasy, reality, lessons, and love, Lame Duck’s and the Blue Lady's story is bound to be a hit with the whole family. — Paulette P., Journalist, Ocala FL

This is a delightful children's book that captures all the elements of a good story plus soothing beautiful illustrations. Children love animal stories, especially sincere, true stories and the author doesn't disappoint. She touches on the subjects of self-awareness, empathy for injured wildlife and the connection that all humans need to maintain with the environment. An extra bonus is the short sung musical line, expertly notated, by the lady calling the duck. — Kristen T., Music Teacher, Seaside CA

We live on a lake and this story immediately struck a chord with me. From time to time we’ve observed one of our resident water birds injured and in trouble, unable to fend for itself adequately. Our nine year-old grandson also was touched by the story, and I think the lesson of the Blue Lady, crippled herself, reaching out to the little duck is likely something that will stay with him for a long time. Not only was the story special and inspiring, but so were the extraordinary illustrations which brought little duck and friends to life! — John L., Editorial Columnist, Reston VA

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Publication Details

From Here to There and Back with a Quack!
Author: Faith Nielsen
Illustrator: Pat Macintyre
Publisher: Mascot Books
Picture book for children, ages 5 up
32 pages, hardcover
ISBN-13 978-1-934878-78-1
List price: $14.95