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Private Voice Lessons


Voice LessonsMany singers who are dedicated to continuing in choral music throughout high school are interested in taking voice lessons. I encourage these performers to study beginning as freshmen or sophomores. Studying voice prior to this age is not essential since the high school years are when the voice first starts to really show signs of beginning vocal maturity. Private vocal lessons are not a requirement for involvement in any choral group at Herndon HS. It does, however, enhance the singers’ experience.


Some teachers who teach in our area are listed at right. They have taught or currently teach Herndon HS students and I believe that they are reputable. Voice lessons run from one-half hour to one hour in length. The cost ranges from $25.00 to $50.00 per lesson. Many of these teachers hold Master’s degrees in Voice. The job of a voice teacher is to teach vocal technique through age-appropriate musical literature. The style of music will vary from teacher-to-teacher, but will most probably consist of classical art songs and musical theater songs for this age singer. Pop music songs are not the ideal vehicle for teaching vocal technique and it would concern me if that is the standard repertoire taught by the teacher.


The teachers expect for you to call and ask questions regarding the type of music they teach, the kinds of basic techniques they work on, and the length and cost of lessons. It is also common for the teacher or the student to ask for one lesson in order for each of them to “try each other out” and see if they, and you, work well together.


I am sure that there are other teachers in the area and I would be happy to speak with them and to add them to my list if they contact me. If you currently study with someone who is not on this list, please ask your teacher if they are interested in being added to the list and give me their name and telephone number. I know that many of these teachers have full studios, but I am always looking for good piano or voice teachers.


Please call me if you have any further questions. —Dana Van Slyke