FACE Advocacy:

Efforts to save FCPS elementary music

for 2010-11 have been successful!



A message to FACE parents from Denny Stokes, FACE Booster Chair . . .


May 7, 2010


Greetings Friends.

Well, it appears that...we win. Though there are some final steps to be completed, there will be no cuts to music in Fairfax County in the coming year. Congratulations and thanks go to all who emailed, stood, wrote, stood, spoke, payed...stood, in the defense of music education for our students. Thank you very much for patiently receiving all my annoying emails, and for faithfully answering the call to action, time after time.

We know that we "cleared the bar;" we will probably never know by how much, or to what extent our actions were pivotal. We will always know that we did our best, and apparently, we did enough. That, after all, is the very essence of success our music teachers and classes strive to deliver.

Next Tuesday, May 11 sometime after 7 pm, our FACE president Mary Wagner, will speak to the school board once again, among other things, thanking them for continued support of music education. For us, a final call to action is to be at Luther Jackson in blue FACE shirts to support (and thank) Mary, and to remind our leaders that we are and will remain resolute in this matter. It would be a great time for one of our best showings (and it will be a much shorter commitment), as we begin to think about next year.

There is work to be done. The coming year will not be a time for relaxing. Rather, believing that the best defense really is a good offense, you and your FACE leadership have the tools at hand to press for greater access to music education by more students in FCPS. Your music teachers and their leaders in Fairfax County Public Schools are and will be dependent on your continued, fervent involvement as they take on the "next steps" in this process.

This will be my last email. It has been a true pleasure to meet and come to know so many parents, students, colleagues and friends in the music industry, united in this cause. We really CAN have what we want, if we are willing to work for it, and sometimes...fight for it. Congratulations on a job well done.

All the best.


Denny Stokes

Chair, FACE Boosters